Regelmatig verzorg ik workshops in binnen- en buitenland. Een workshop biedt de mogelijkheid om dieper in de dans en het bijbehorende thema te duiken. Tijdens een workshop wordt de dans afgewisseld met verschillende oefeningen. De uren die je maakt tijdens een workshop tellen mee als vooropleidingsuren richting de 5rhythms teacher training.

Wil je op de hoogte blijven van mijn activiteiten klik dan op nieuwsbrief


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  • may 19 2019

Locatie: Dokzaal Amsterdam
Route: Klik hier  

On the Edge

Dokzaal Amsterdam
“Underneath it all we are tribal individuals.
We seek connection because we need to know we are not alone on this planet.”
~ Gabrielle Roth

a 5Rhythms workshop about partnering in conscious dances
Partnering in dance can cause many uncomfortable feelings. 
At the same time it can be a source of joy and sense of connection.
It is also a great methaphor for daily lifes processes.

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  • 11 t/m 16 aug 2019


-Jada Jane Boh / / +65 91144823 

All is One

5 day heartbeat intensive

Bali 11-16 august  

“If you want to connect to the unified field, the bigger picture, you have to become unified within your own field….In life, we each have our own personal truths,…but underneath rumbles the big truth, an eternal truth that is independant of our whims and fantasies, desires and moods.” Gabrielle Roth 

In life we move between hope and fear, love and pain, creation and destruction, joy and sadness, compassion and closure.

In this workshop we will explore all these (e)motions and the way they affect our connection to the world around us. We will transform the energies that are working against us into a precious life force that serve all of us.

Expanding our body, mind and spirit for a divine connection with the unified field.A heart opening, curious and playful exploration that brings you closer to yourself ,the ones you love and the world around you.

This workshop counts as a 5day heartbeat prereq towards the teacher training.

“ You must understand the whole of life, not just a little part of it. That is why you must dance, write poems, 
look at the skies and suffer, and understand, all that is life” Krishnamurti

  • 7 t/m 8 sept 2019

She Heartbeat 2019

a heartbeat for women 

Explore the (e)motional landscape of the femine. A true SHE warrior landscape full of rich energy and potential. Women carry a lot of history and social burden in their bodies.  So many projections are stored in our cells.  What if we let these images, caracters and roles dance until they disolve into our true nature? It is time to reclaim the space of the sacred world behind the stories. Move into our original state of being. Become: Awake, Fearless, Focused, Creative and Compassionate.

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  • 16 t/m 20 october 2019

Waves workshops and at least one Heartbeat workshop

There is a waiting list. you can register via


Early Bird ticket t/m October 1st €450
after that €500


Workshop met gastdocent Tammy Burstein

Guest Teacher Tammy  Burstein (NY) comes to  Amsterdam:
for the first time in Holland: Cycles, the next level 5Rhythms

“Life is a journey. Its route is essentially the same for everyone,
even though we start in different settings and with different baggage.”
— Gabrielle Roth

We are not just one but all the stages of life. What has been, what is, and what will be is alive in our bodies, hearts, and minds. In Cycles we give ourselves the opportunity to fully embody them all, from birth to death, by moving with the shapes, the breath, the rhythms of a lifetime. 

The Cycles map is a journey of endless investigation – one in which we create the opportunity to meet and melt old wounds, move and be moved by the medicine of forgiveness, and explore and expand the possibility and potential of being a wholistic being. 

Whether young or older, your first or your latest Cycles experience, this workshop is for every human being with stories to express, realities to accept, ancestral wisdom to uncover, and nascent wonders to recover. Join us as we grow together.

  • nov 9 2019

Locatie: Jungle Amsterdam 
Route: Klik hier  

Spirit Wave

There is so much we can  learn from the movement of animals. So this day we will explore the Rhytms through the animal world. A deep dive into another realm of moving. Sensual, connected, focussed, free, flexible and light. A journey that reconnects us to our senses and intuition. And teaches us how to use our energy efficiently.
(re) connect to your spirit animal and find guidance in your daily life.

saturday 9th of november 10-17hr
early bird till 1 th of november € 60
after 1th of november € 70
location: Jungle Amsterdam

  • 29 nov / 1 dec 2019

essensuallity nov 2019

“Hard times require soft relaxation” 

We life in chaotic times. A big dance with the unknown. Our society (our system) reacts by feeding the fear.
This fear goes directly into the body and tenses up our system.
The more our physical system is tensed up the harder it is to perceive vital information that is important for our well being.
We start to loose connection with our senses and  our mind goes into overdrive. Creating more physical tension.
It is time to break this vicious circle and return to an effortless effort trusting our own inner navigation.
Returning to the power of our senses. Our senses are directly connected to our neuro system and therefore
of vital importance on how we perceive the world.
Let’s relax, dance and soften our shell ,so we can flow through life with trust and ease. More info