She Heartbeat

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Start: september 7, 2019 om 10:30 Finish: september 8, 2019 om 17:30

She Heartbeat #1


a heartbeat for women

Explore the (e)motional landscape of the
femine. A true SHE warrior landscape
full of rich energy and potential.
Women carry a lot of history and social burden
in their bodies. So many projections are stored
in our cells. What if we let these images, caracters
and roles dance until they disolve into our true nature?
It is time to reclaim the space of the sacred world
behind the stories. Move into our original state of being.
Become: Awake, Fearless, Focused, Creative and

Join us in this “transformotional” journey.

Pre req: min 20hrs waves classes or 1 waves workshop
Guided by Jup Jansonius 5RTA waves/heartbeat, dj, coach
Assisted by Rimke Pepers 5Rhythms waves, heartbeat in training

Start: saturday 7 sept 10:30-18:00Ends: sunday 8 sept 17:30 hrs
Location: Jungle Amsterdam
early bird fee: € 130 till 1th of sept
normal fee: € 170 for booking or info: https://www.5rhythmsbyjup.com
jaikwildansen@gmail.com or call: 0031681418018