essensuallity nov 2019

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Start: november 29, 2019 Finish: december 1, 2019

essensuallity nov 2019 #1


“Hard times require soft relaxation”

We life in chaotic times. A big dance with the unknown. Our society (our system) reacts by feeding the fear.
This fear goes directly into the body and tenses up our system.
The more our physical system is tensed up the harder it is to perceive vital information that is important for our well being.
We start to loose connection with our senses and  our mind goes into overdrive. Creating more physical tension.
It is time to break this vicious circle and return to an effortless effort trusting our own inner navigation.
Returning to the power of our senses. Our senses are directly connected to our neuro system and therefore
of vital importance on how we perceive the world.
Let’s relax, dance and soften our shell ,so we can flow through life with trust and ease.

In this waves/heartbeat workshop we focus on relaxing our body and let our senses inspire our dance to discover
various ways to calm our nervous system and to (re)load our vitality
A perfect playful, warm winter Workshop in which we combine dance, yoga, meditation and massage.
Are you curious how softness, lightness, taste and touch can be part of your dance and life?#Then join us in this beautiful workshop. The best way to prepare for winter.

To support our relaxation we will stay in the beautiful Finca Vrij. Close to the ocean and situated in
a beautiful landscape. Comfortable  rooms and exquisite food. Limited spots available.
Early bird if booked and payed by 28th nov € 265  late bird € 300
Teaching will be in Dutch and English
Booking: 5rhythmsbyjup.com/essensuality
Info: jaikwildansen@gmail.com/0031681418018

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