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2024za02mrtde hele dagDanceQuest(de hele dag: zaterdag) Ruyterweg 56b


de hele dag (Zaterdag)


Club 8 Ruyterweg 56b

Details Evenement

the 11th Quest

a 7hr long dance 5 waves in a row

experience a pure 5 rhythms journey

review after quest 10

Thanks my dear Jup, for your amazing offering with your Dance Quest.
7 hours in movement, dance through this enormous MEDICINE of the 5Rhythms® practice.
Your commitment with us, your extraordinary guide, your magical music and above all for seeing us and giving us what we needed at every moment…. a word of encouragement to continue with the journey, the right music to lift us up, to hold the space with love and care.
I am very honored to accompany you in this challenge, the 10 times that you have been offering it.
As Fritz Perls (Master of Psychotherapy and Founder of Gestalt Psychology) said: “We are like an Onion” that hides its core behind layers and layers that hide it and that the challenge of a committed life is to peel that Onion little by little.
In the 5 waves in a row, i felt peeling my Onion;-) and how we said in Chile: Pelé la cebolla!!!
Gracias! Fabiola Morales 5rhythms teacher


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