oktober, 2021

Dit is een terugkerend Evenement

2021za02okt10:0016:30DanceQuest 2021 live Club 810:00 - 16:30 Club 8, admiraal de ruyterweg 56b


(Zaterdag) 10:00 - 16:30


Club 8

admiraal de ruyterweg 56b

Details Evenement

This year I organise 4 dancequests. You can join as many as you like. They all have different theme and are connect to the seasons in which they are held. A true warrior practice to deepen your dance and to strip the body from energy that doesnt serve you

during the dancequest we will dance 6,5 hrs non stop. we will open with a ceremony ad close with a ceremony. I will play 5 waves so every 1,5 hr we will slow down  in stillness and then regain energy to step into the next flow again

during the whole quest there will be fruits and nuts available for a quick energy fix .

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